Announcement 3-10-2021

Dear Brethren, as you may already know, there have been a number of illnesses going around the past few weeks. We’ve had a few people admitted to the hospital, and yesterday Pastor Ed and Stephen were among them. They have both been diagnosed with viral pneumonia, and we are thankful they are receiving the care they need, and look forward to them both being back with us soon ! Visitors are not allowed at this time, and we ask you to hold off on phone calls to spare the Pastor’s voice and speed his recovery.


In the mean time, the church leadership has decided to give it another week before we try to meet in person again, so that means no services Wednesday 3-10-2021, or Sunday 3-14-2021. There are plans in the works to be ready to have some type of meeting on the following Wednesday, but as always we remain flexible and open to the Lord’s leading.


As a side note, I was informed that the audio files on the church website were not working properly, and when I checked into it, sure enough, yep, it was broke ! After a little poking around, I discovered the audio files on the pages with printable outlines to be the only ones effected. I will work on fixing those soon but in the mean time, I’ve put some different audio messages on the main page that seem to be working ok. If anyone has any trouble with them, please let me know here at this address, and I’ll do my best to get it solved !


Please pray for your brothers and sisters in Christ, and especially the Pastor ! If you’d like to encourage him, please call someone you know and share something the Lord has done in your life ! Be a light ! Be an encouragement ! Be the example of Jesus to those around you !

Solid Rock Bible Church

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