Divorce – Part Eight

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WHY DO SOME BELIEVERS SAY THAT ALL RE-MARRIAGE IS WRONG ? Actually, re-marriage for the innocent party was not considered to be wrong until the Dark Ages, when so many myths and false doctrines were espoused by the Roman Catholic Church. Doctrines such priestly celibacy, annulments, and divorce for pay were all concocted and officially sanctioned by the Roman Church

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Divorce – Part Seven

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WHAT FUTURE IS THERE FOR A DIVORCED PERSON IN CHRISTIAN SERVICE ?   Keep in mind that the Bible only considers the guilty party to be divorced (literally, “the one put away”). As you do, take into account the amazing forgiveness of our Heavenly Father through the Blood of Jesus. It is clearly taught in the Word that even a

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Divorce – Part Six

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WHAT ARE THE BIBLICALLY PERMISSIBLE GROUNDS FOR DIVORCE ?   Sexual uncleanness is the only acceptable grounds given in the Bible for divorce and re-marriage. While the laws of man permit divorce for almost any reason, God only accepts FORNICATION or ADULTERY. The word, ‘fornication,’ spoken of throughout the Bible (see Matthew 5:32), is the general term for sexual uncleanness

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Divorce – Part Five

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WHO IS ACTUALLY DIVORCED ?   Nowhere in the Bible is the non-guilty party of a marriage considered “divorced.” The only party God considered to be divorced is the person to whom the bill of divorcement was given. Under God’s plan, a bill of divorcement could only be given to a party who violated the marriage agreement by committing specific

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Divorce – Part Four

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WHY SOME PEOPLE’S BELIEFS CONCERNING DIVORCE ARE NOT TRULY BIBLICAL The principle of taking Scripture in its’ correct CONTEXT and COMPLETE teaching from the Word is essential to our understanding of God’s will concerning divorce and remarriage. There are many people who have taken portions of Jesus’ teaching on the issue, and have made dogmatic conclusions without searching the entire

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Divorce – Part Three

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WHAT IS MARRIAGE ?   Most people feel that they know, and to a certain degree, almost everyone does. But, most people have one or more very important factors. Even Christians often miss out on the complete truth when they study only part of what the Bible says about marriage. Of course, marriage is a binding agreement—a covenant—between a man

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Divorce – Part Two

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WHERE IS THIS TEACHING IN THE BIBLE ?   Throughout the Bible, in both Old and New Testaments, God gives His people guidance on this subject. As with all teachings in the Bible, if we approach them honestly, we must study them in their correct context, in light of the teachings throughout the Bible on the subject. It is important

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Divorce – Part One

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WHY IS THIS PARTICULAR VIEW MORE TRUTHFUL THAN ANOTHER ?      Today, we could bring a variety of people into the church, and find the same number of interpretations of a Bible doctrine as there are people. If you hunt far enough, you can find someone—sometimes many people—to agree with you, regardless of your position. If we were to

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