If We Can’t Win On Our Own Ground, How Can We Expect To Be Effective Elsewhere ?

1. A non-submissive spirit can bring agony.
A. Job’s spirit goes on the basis of sight for a while. This always brings disaster.
Job 7:11
B. Asaph’s spirit refused to be comforted until he searched the past faithfulness
of the Lord.
*Many times people will forget God’s faithfulness in past years.
Psalms 77:3

2. A lack of understanding can bring the searching soul agony.
A. It is solved by submission to those who know the answers. Daniel 7:15
– So what did Daniel do ? He asked those who knew.
B. It can endure while waiting for the answer. Why ? Because we want everything
– God does not have to provide things immediately. Psalms 143:7
C. Journeys of faith can cause the spirit to become agitated. Ezek. 3:14

3. The spirit can be stubborn in its approach to the work of God.
A. It can be selfish, self-centered. 1 Cor. 14:14
B. It can be distracting, keeping the attentions away from what is really important.
2 Cor. 2:13

4. The redeemed spirit when right with God, naturally rejoices in God.
A. Mary’s spirit. Luke 1:47
– *God can use people to refresh the spirit. DOES HE USE YOU ?
1 Cor. 16:18

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