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PSALM 1, Part 1 Maintaining Happiness: What Should You Do ? 1. Elements of Biblical Psalms (Songs). A. It is pleasant music. (Ps. 147:1) Music is not just for women, but for all ! – Disciples did. Matt. 26:30 – Moses did. Ex. 15:1, Deut. 31:22 (Ps. 18:1) – Jesus will. Heb. 2:11-12 B. It is God’s Word. – He

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PSALM 2, Part 1 Maintaining Happiness: Having A Realistic Expectation of The World 1. Understanding the logic of the world.(Ps. 2:1-3) A. The heathen must like to rage. (“High-spirited”, applied to men and horses.) Rom. 12:16, 2 Cor. 10:5 B. The people must enjoy imagining a vain thing. *If this was not so, they would seek to do something else.

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PSALM 3- Part 1 Maintaining Happiness: See What God Wants You To See ! 1. Looking at the wrong things.(Ps. 3:1) A. Failure to see the help God has provided. 2 Kings 6:16 B. Failure to see the power of God’s help. 1 Sam. 14:6, Gen. 14:14, Mark 10:26-27 C. Focusing on the problem, not seeking the solution. Luke 19:3-4,

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PSALM 4- Part 1 Maintaining Happiness: Growing Through The Experience ! Psalm 4:1-5 It shouldn’t take a bad event to make us get serious with God !! David comes to Him seriously without it. 1. The acknowledging of our need. A. Some don’t realize their need. Luke 18:11 B. Without God’s love working in us, we are nothing – so

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PSALM 5 – Part 1 Anger toward sin and it’s results should bring us to pray to God more faithfully ! God must be approached as the True and Holy God that He is, not just as One that is easier to relate to. 1. The approach to God must be correct. A. Be respectful. Requesting, not demanding. Acknowledging His

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PSALM 7 – Part 1 How Will We Ever Get A Better World ? MAINTAINING HAPPINESS: How To Stay Close To God: Faith ! 1. David’s desire for a better world. A. He saw the need. Heb. 11:16 B. He knew things would be better through God. Heb. 7:22 C. He had faith that it would come. Heb. 11:8, Rom.

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PSALM 8 – Part 1 Is God His Name ? Warning ! *(Deut. 5:11) MAINTAINING HAPPINESS: Being Certain of Who You Serve 1. What is His Name ? A. Not a ‘recent’ revelation. – Hebrew is ‘Jehovah’ = in English, ‘LORD’ (all caps) Gen. 2:4 He created all things. Eph. 3:9, Col. 1:16 B. Although one God, He has chosen

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PSALM 9- Part 1 –Praising God With The Whole Heart– Maintaining Happiness: Increase Your Joy Through Praise 1. The blessings of genuine praise. A. It is effective in revealing faith when done correctly. James 1:6-7-With the whole heart ! v.1 B. It brings out the testimony of what God has done. v.1 Deut. 3:24 – Keep praising God, and have

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PSALM 10 – Part 1 IN THE CRISIS, WHERE IS GOD ? Maintaining Happiness: Thinking Past the Momentary Doubts 1. Problems in the crisis. A. Timing. Gods time is not ours. Ps. 90:4 B. The wisdom of God goes beyond our own. (Psalm 136:5) C. We can’t depend upon our own strength. Job 6:11, Ps. 31:4, Ps. 38:10, 2 Cor.

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PSALM 12:1-8 MAINTAINING HAPPINESS: GROWING THROUGH FAITH How Do YOU Recognize The Ways of The Wicked ? 1. GOD’S PEOPLE CAN RECOGNIZE THE WICKED. A. DON’T ALWAYS APPEAR AS “SINFUL.” 2 COR. 11:14, MATT. 7:15 B. SPEAK VANITY. (V.2) VANITY=“empty, useless, without serious merit.” *Some live continual episode of ‘Trivia Pursuit.’* 2 TIM. 2:16 C. FLATTER. “to praise beyond truth,

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