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An Introduction To The Book of Jeremiah 1. The preparations for service. (Jeremiah 1:7-10) A. God made the person for that purpose. (Jer. 1:5) Rev. 4:11 B. Prophecy concerning the individual. (Jer. 1:7) 1 Tim. 1:18 – As with Timothy, Elijah, Paul, etc. C. God’s Word will have the ultimate victory. (Jer. 1:8-10) Is. 55:11 2. The honesty of God’s

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Part 1 JEREMIAH’S MESSAGE TO THE BACKSLIDEN A Behind The Scenes Look at Jeremiah’s Messages 1. The Importance and Holiness of Word From The Lord (Jeremiah 2:1-2) A. It was vital to hear God’s Unchanging Word. MAL. 3:6, 2 COR.1:18-19 B. It was important to retain the purity of God’s Word. PRO. 30:5 C. It was important because it contained

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~ Part 1 ~ REMINDING PEOPLE OF GOD’S DIFFERENCE 1. The Lord’s Willingness to Accept What Man Will Not (Jeremiah 3:1) 2 Cor. 6:17 A. People are invited to come. The Spirit and the Bride Say “Come.” Rev. 22:17, John 7:37 B. People are commanded to come. Matt. 22:4, Mark 1:17, John 21:12 2. The Lord’s Power To Change Whom

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WHEN GOD SAYS, “RETURN…” WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? Is it ok to use our own interpretation of the word, ‘Return’? 1. What Does It Mean To ‘Return’? A. Simply to go back to where you were. Num. 14:4 B. Obedience must occur when you return. Deut. 30:2-3 C. A change in behavior comes afterwards, as a result of returning. (Jer.

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~ Part 1 ~ WHY ARE SO MANY PEOPLE BLINDED TO THE TRUTH? An evil generation goes rapidly toward judgement from God. Same today? 1. The Devil Blinded Them. 2 Cor. 4:4, 1 John 2:16 A. With activity. No time for God. B. With desire, lust for things. C. Pride in self. Cannot see true condition. 2. Darkness Around Them

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~ Part 1 ~ WHEN OLD WAYS ARE BETTER THAN NEW ONES 1. Stand (put yourself again) in the old ways, and see. *Requires observation. People can become too busy to realize what is happening to them. A. The oldest ways are God’s ways. Isaiah 55:9 B. The newer ways are our own ways. Psalm 119:59 C. Requires an honest

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~ Part 1 ~WHEN GOD MOVES OUT AND AWAY  Jeremiah’s Message In The Temple Gate. While a New Testament Believer Has Security, It Doesn’t Change Our Holy God’s Response To Sin. 1. God will not dwell where sin abounds. A. Sin pollutes purity. Jer. 7:30 -Ezekiel 20:31 – No prayers heard. Psalm 66:18 & Isaiah 1:15 B. He will not

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SPIRITUAL CONDITIONS OF A JUDGEMENT GENERATION Do These Conditions Exist In The World Today ? 1. Spiritual blindness. (Jer. 8:6) A. Can’t accept that they did anything wrong. (“…What have I done?…”)(Jer. 2:35) 1 John 1:10 B. Can’t recognize what sin is any longer. Isaiah 44:18 God blinds them fully when they show they don’t want to see. C. Refuse

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– Part 1 – JEREMIAH’S REACTION TO THE SINS OF HIS PEOPLE Should Christians Be Affected by The Sins of The World, Even Though They Don’t Participate ? 1. Sorrow over the wages of sin on others. (Jer. 9:1) A. Jesus did. Luke 19:41 & Mark 14:34 B. We should. (Save with compassion.) Jude 1:22 2. Desire to flee from

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~ Part 1 ~THE CRISIS WHEN THE FEAR OF GOD IS ABSENT How Could People Who Know So Much NOT Fear The Lord ? (Jer. 10:7) Acts 9:31 1. How do we know when the fear of the Lord is not present ? A. When people think they can do whatever God does. – manufacturing creative works, etc. (Jer. 10:9)

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