Just because you don’t worship one god the same as another doesn’t mean that idolatry doesn’t exist.

1. The queen of heaven.(Jer. 44:15-19,25)
A. Incense and drink offerings.
B. Made cakes. (Jer. 7:18)
C. Absence of blood offerings or true sacrifice.
– Concern was not over sin. Heb. 9:22
Goal was to obtain prosperity, and an easy life.
– Easy religion of convenience. Ps. 54:6
Not sacrificing of self. Phil. 2:17, Rom. 12:1-2
– True sacrifice pleases God. I Pet. 2:5

2. The power of Egypt. (Jer. 43:7, 44:8)
A. Cannot save them from God’s judgment.(Jer. 42:16)
B. True safety is only in the Lord. Ps. 4:8

3. The wisdom of self.(Jer. 44:16)
A. God’s thoughts are not man’s thoughts. Is. 55:8-9
*Why not ? Is. 29:14
– Man has fallen by sin.
– Man doesn’t know even the most basic solutions. Rom. 7:18
– God is always superior to man.
– Man is easily distracted from original purpose.
B. Is doomed. I Cor. 1:19
C. Is foolishness. I Cor. 3:19

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