Many people think that their past can save their future, but depending on the past is strong delusion.

Your past is not to depend upon, but to learn from. Heb. 10:32 (Jer. 6:16)

Your present relationship with the Lord is what counts, not what you say you have encountered in the past.

1. Israel was proud of heritage, but rejected God’s verdict of the present.
(Jer. 5:7) Luke 3:8

2. Egypt depended on it’s past heritage and traditions and fell.
(Jer. 43:8-12)

3. Babylon reveled in it’s power, but would lose it.
(Jer. 51:56, 60)

4. Nations and individuals need more than their past to avoid judgment.
A. King David remained humble, despite great blessings from God.
He did not go beyond his capabilities. Psalms 131:1 He could have looked
to his past.
B. Judgment will come on those who – regardless of their past – are lifted now,
just as it will on everyone. Isaiah 2:12, Pro. 18:12, Ezek. 16:50

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