~ Part 1 ~


An evil generation goes rapidly toward judgement from God. Same today?

1. The Devil Blinded Them. 2 Cor. 4:4, 1 John 2:16
A. With activity. No time for God.
B. With desire, lust for things.
C. Pride in self. Cannot see true condition.

2. Darkness Around Them (The World) Blinded Them 1 John 2:11
A. Blinded by love for the world. Rev. 3:17
B. Blinded by lack of spiritual growth. 2 Peter 1:9

3. God Blinded Them. John 12:40
A. As an act of judgement for others to see. Acts 13:11
B. An act of judgement for accusing God of being blind.
(Jeremiah 12:4) Psalms 94:7-9

~ Part 2 ~

What Goes On In The Mind and Heart are Noted and Judged By Almighty God.
1 Chronicles 28:9

1. God holds people accountable for their thoughts. (Jer. 6:19)
A. Brought judgement of the flood. Gen.6:5
B. Issues warnings about them. Matt. 9:4

2. God notices which thoughts are absent. (Jer. 5:24)
A. Absence of thinking about God. Psalms 10:4
B. Absence of thinking about Jesus’ return. Luke 12:40

3. God provides a way to overcome evil thoughts.
A. Flee from them. 1 Cor. 10:14
B. Command thoughts from the devil to go.
C. Fill heart and mind with The Word. Psalms 139:17
– Evil thoughts yielding faulty reasoning come from the heart.
Luke 5:22, Matt. 15:19
– Jesus countered the devil with The Word of God.
– God’s thoughts are higher than ours. Isaiah 55:8
– God’s Word discerns the thoughts. Hebrews 4:12
D. Commit all your deeds to God first. Pro. 16:3

~ Part 3 ~

How Long Can A People Get By With Rejecting Their Maker ?

1. The loss of discernment.
*Is typical of a judgement-ready generation. Jonah 4:11
Only by returning to the Lord is it restored. Mal. 3:18
Can’t see the obvious, but see other things. Matt. 16:3
A. Quickly spreads to everyone in the society. (Jer. 5:1)
B. Continues to acknowledge God. (Jer. 5:2) Matt. 7:21-22
C. Is often vainly excused. (Jer. 5:4) Failure of God’s people to teach it.
We learn first- Psalm 119:66, Then teach others- Psalm 51:13
D. Affects all levels of society. (Jer. 5:5)

2. Natural consequences to such sin.
*Inability to control what could be controlled with discernment
and wisdom from God.

3. Justification of God’s decision to bring judgement.
A. Refused God, even when blessed. (Jer. 5:7-10)
Rejected the refuge of the True God. Psalm 9:9
B. People rejected God personally. (Jer. 5:11-14)
– Rejected His commandments.
– Denied who He is.
– Refused to believe He will judge them. 2 Peter 3:3-7
– False prophets, by their existence, are acts of rebellion.

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