What profit could possibly come from being in a filthy prison ? Jeremiah found something and used it !

1. Learning important truths does not require optimum conditions. (Jer. 38:6, 22)
A. Many times, having the best conditions does not motivate us to learn as much.
*Plain blocks of wood versus talking Barbie dolls. Which is the better
teacher ? *Did children learn to read better in a one-room schoolhouse,
or in computer equipped schools ?

– The simplest way if often the best. Mark 9:36
– The most difficult way if often the strongest teacher. Gen. 22:1-2, 14
B. Having the truth presented clearly does not inspire or enlighten those who are
stuck in their own ways. Ezek. 12:2

2. Learning truth requires the King of Truth to provide guidance.
A. The natural man does not perceive…1 Cor. 2:14
B. Comes through the Holy Spirit. John 16:13, 1 Cor. 12:8
C. Situations can be great teachers, if we listen to the Holy Spirit. 1 Peter 4:14
*(Reproach can teach us.)
D. It is God’s plan to work through people, too. Galatians 6:6

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